National Short Wave Listeners Club (Ireland)

The National Short Wave Listeners Club (NSWLC) is affiliated with the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS). We offer free, live online courses to help our members study for and pass the HAREC exam necessary to obtain an Irish CEPT Amateur Radio Station Licence, as set out by ComReg. In addition to training, we also meet online to discuss anything related to radio on Sunday evenings. To access this group you must be a current member of the NSWLC. To join us, please:

  1. Familiarise yourself so that you are able to accept the NSWLC Constitution, our Online Code of Conduct, the IRTS Child Protection Policy, and the IRTS Anti-bullying Policy.
  2. Use the Apply for Membership in This Group button, or send an email to
  3. Complete the NSWLC Membership Application Form and return it to

Membership is free for the current IRTS members and costs €30/calendar year for everyone else. We recommend that you join our Club using the same email address as is on your IRTS record to speed up the process of approving a free membership. If not yet a member, you should join the IRTS by completing this form.

If you have a general radio-related question, or one about licensing or exams, please use the public IRTS group email service so that a broader body of experienced radio amateurs can help you. Our group is open to the current NSWLC members only. However, our tutors are also active on the IRTS group.

Use this email group if you have something to share that would benefit everyone in the Club. Use our HAREC Students subgroup for anything related to the HAREC course. Do not use this service it for anything else.

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